Experience tranquility and comfort at FIRST CHOICE FERTILITY CLINIC, where each treatment unfolds in private, soothing rooms at Georgian Bay Integrative Medicine in Collingwood. With over 24 years of expertise, Andrew Baird exclusively administers 100% of the fertility treatments, showcasing a proven track record in both acupuncture and fertility services.

Andrew, available on Mondays and Fridays, specializes in aiding natural conception, whether as a standalone approach or in conjunction with Western medical treatments like IVF or IUI. Extensive research supports the effectiveness of acupuncture in enhancing the likelihood of conception. For personalized insights and to address any queries, Andrew offers complementary phone consultations, often scheduled on the same day. To embark on your fertility journey, feel free to call anytime and secure your initial appointment.

Andrew Baird

B.A., R.Ac

Andrew has been practicing Acupuncture since 1996 and in February 2007 Andrew was interviewed by a Ph.D. member from the University of Toronto Faculty of Pharmacy for the purpose of studying the benefits and the future of complementary health care. Andrew's professional focus has always been practicing and integrating fertility treatments with Acupuncture and natural medicine.

"Where focus goes
~ Energy Flows"